Sam Brown Arts

Creating high-end, elegant, one-of-a-kind art pieces that will surely be a staple in starting conversations at your next get-together.

Symbolizing Africa, Memorializing all the beautiful elephants lost due to poaching.

The base of the table is made from 450 year old cedar roots, pulled out of the aftermath of the Great Fire of 1910 in Montana.

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    The Knife

    Into a Forge of Fire – A piece that was iron ore steel, to be hand shaped of knife blade, hammered to shape in days – that became weeks then months. A small meteorite ore added to the flame, the blade, forged into white hot steel, became the African. Month’s – into years of hand shaping draw file then hand sanding wet carbon grit, totaling 2 years in all – the chamber surging at 1000 degrees, it’s baptism of oil, the 1 year of polishing by hand to chrome like luster. Big and strong like the elephant. On the handle of the knife there is a glass eye signifying that of the elephant, once he see’s you, he never forgets. A piece made uniquely to be one-of-a-kind.